Clutter Eats Equity

One of the things about attending various Real Estate conferences is that you get to listen to some speakers that are less than awed by the whole business of real estate.  They have the audacity to make fun of the agents that are present and of our, “gasp”, clients.  Terry Watson a very entertaining speaker says that we must reduce our business to sound bites, ie… the title of this post.  Among others that he has are “if I can smell it, I can’t sell it.”  So here are a few tips on how to save equity from the clutter monster.

Cleaning and packing stuff away is the most important of all the basic preparations.  Rooms, closets and garages need to look neat and clean and as roomy as possible.  Cluttered rooms and closets full of boxes and “stuff” make the home look smaller and buyers wonder if their stuff will fit.

The solution to the clutter is to simply get rid of it.  Everything that you don’t use on a regular basis (which means every other day at least)… put in storage or at least out of plain sight. Seriously get rid of a lot your things by packing them away.clutteredroom

Kitchens are the number one spot in most homes for clutter.  Quick, count the appliances and other items on your counters.  Where can you put all of them?  A few weeks of inconvenience in getting them out and putting them away or doing without them is well worth it.   Now go through each of your cabinets in your kitchen, all of the counter space, and all of the cupboards to make sure all are clean and neat of “unnecessary stuff.”  I’m especially fond of putting away about 2/3rds of all the coffee mugs and glasses into a box and storing them.

Remember that in your bedrooms less stuff is more appealing.  Pack away your clothes and shoes; only save the 25% to 35% that you’ve actually worn recently.  Take a close look to determine what can go. Pack away the books, toys, and gadgets you have lying around.  You might buy new bedspreads.  Make sure there is plenty of light in each bedroom; curtains and blinds open, freshen the air if needed.  Make sure all nook and crannies are clean.

Bathrooms:  clean out under the sink and the medicine cabinets (people will nose around) make sure there is plenty of light and they are spotless.  Do you need to re-caulk the tub and sinks? No mildew allowed. Air fresheners might also be in order.

Living rooms, family rooms, and dining rooms:  pack away the stuff.  Make them well-lit and immaculately clean.

If you feel a bit overwhelmed with where to start, give me a call for a free consultation.

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